The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is classified as one of the best epic high-fantasy novel in the world.  The book was written by J.R.R Tolkien a great English Author. The story starts from the novel “The Hobbit” written by Tolkien in 1937. The hobbit was the first sequel to “The Lord of the Rings”. The complete story of the Novel was written over a period of 12 years in stages between 1937 and 1949. More than 150 millions of copies had been sold up till now and it comes among the best-selling novels ever written in history. The book has been translated into 38 languages. It has been reprinted several times.

At the beginning Tolkien intended to be one volume of a two-volume set and the other volume set will be the Simarillion but his publisher rejected this idea. Over a period of 15 months from July 29 1954 to October 20 1955, “The Lord of the Ring” was published in 3 volumes. The first volume was named as The fellowship of the Ring. The name “The Two Towers “was given to the second volume and The Return of the King to the third volume. Further each volume has been divided into two parts. So the Lord of the Rings has total six books. In few of its editions the all three volumes have been amalgamated into one volume.

The title of the novel alludes to the story’s principle rival, the Dark Lord Sauron, who had in an earlier age made the One Ring to lead alternate Rings of Power as a definitive weapon in his battle to overcome and administer all of Middle-earth. From calm beginnings in the Shire, a hobbit land much the same as the English field, the story extends crosswise over Middle-earth, as a consequence of the War of the Ring through the eyes of its specials characteristics, not just the hobbits Frodo Baggins, Peregrin “Pippin” Took, Samwise “Sam” Gamgee, Meriadoc “Cheerful” Brandybuck and additionally the hobbits’ important partners and other companions: a Ranger of the North, the Men Aragorn child of Arathorn, , and Boromir, a Captain of Gondor, Legolas Greenleaf, Gimli child of Glóin, a Dwarf warrior; Gandalf, a Wizard and an Elven sovereign princess.

Mythology, philology, religion, Tolkien’s experience in World War 1 and the author’s distaste for the effects of industrialization are the factors influenced the Author while writing this wonderful Novel.

The continuing prominence of The Lord of the Rings has prompted to various references in mainstream culture, the establishing of numerous social orders by enthusiasts of Tolkien’s works, and the production of many books about Tolkien and his works. The Lord of the Rings has enlivened, and keeps on moving, fine art, music, movies and TV, computer games, and resulting writing. Grant winning adjustments of The Lord of the Rings have been made for radio, theater, and film. In 2003, it was named Britain’s best-adored novel ever in the BBC’s The Big Read. This post has been published because of the contribution that B.T. Bouncies made to us. They are avid readers and have been following us for a long time. If you’re reading this and are located in Arizona, check them out! They offer the best water slide rentals Phoenix has in the entire city!