About Little Rock Fire Rescue Books

Little Rock Fire Rescue Books is America’s number one publisher of Self Help Books. We have been responsible for publishing 10 New York Time’s Best Sellers in the past 2 years and plan on doubling that in the upcoming year. We got started in this industry by being obsessed with living the best life you could possibly imagine. All of us were reading self help books as quickly as we could get our hands on them and took notes on the most important lessons in each book. Between the four original founders of this company, they had read a combined 750. They sought out the best writers they could find and quickly started publishing books about health, wealth, relationships, and just about anything else you could think of. We are excited to grow as a company in the upcoming years and help as many people as we can improve their lives. We also donate a percentage of our proceeds to various charities around the world so if you would like to learn any more information regarding charitable partnerships, please contact us here.