Grant Cardone – Be Obsessed Or Be Average

We wanted to kick off our new blog with some valuable information for our readers. Here are some excerpts and ideas from Grant Cardones’ Be Obsessed Or Be Average…

Have you ever been stressed out because of money or simply did not know where your next paycheck is coming from? I know I have. I’ve been at the lowest of lows… credit card debt, living on additional borrowed money from family, I’ve been through it all. I recently started a business in the past 9 months and took on another $10,000 of debt right out of the jumping blocks. See, I’ve been through the cycle of debt before and I wasn’t afraid to get back in it again. I wasn’t borrowing this money for the sake of living outside of my means by going to fancy dinners, out to the movies… you get the picture. This time I was borrowing the money to create a money machine that I will continue to feed and grow. I’ve already grossed my cash flow to over $2,400 in monthly recurring fees which is close to $30K per year and would mean that I’ve already tripled my investment in myself and my company within 1 year. This might seem like great news to most people and they are, but things are only beginning for my brand. We’ve already brought in 5 referrals in the past week that are ready to fork over a combined $4,800 which will bring us to over $7K in monthly revenue. I’m not saying this to brag but better yet to help you recognize that acquiring money is a good goal.

A lot of people are scared to talk about money or shy away at the subject when it comes up so I wanted to address that with you right now. People that never talk about money are people that don’t have it and they don’t want to think about how you have a lot of it and they don’t. They simply never became obsessed over having money and are now living average lives because of it. I’m here to tell you to think big, dream big, and take massive action towards whatever it is that is most important to you in your life. I’ll be publishing a second article shortly here addressing how to become obsessed with the life you want to live and what it requires. Until then, take care. If you liked the article and want to tell me about it, contact me at